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*waves* Hi. I'm pretty awful about remembering to even check in on this show. I should probably have a special helper keep tabs on me. XD

We're already two weeks into the month and well...not much really, but hey that doesn't mean that you or anyone else you know can't participate. Hopefully someone will see this and think "Wow! Awesome idea! Look here's a present for you." Heheh...wishful thinking but hopefully people haven't forgotten about the pairings they jumped on for this. If you have...that's okay. ^_^ There's no rush to post stuff. As soon as you're ready post away. Also if you need a beta, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm usually not busy and therefore can return them quickly.

Good luck everyone!

roll baby...

So glad to see everyone so interested!

Posted by iheartbowie on 2007.05.01 at 19:38
Pairings are being snatched up quickly! It's fantastic to see that this is getting some interest. Pairing claims will not stop until the end of July when the fics are to be posted, so if you finish one you can come back for another go.

Pairings claimed at the momentCollapse )

This will be continually updated as people claim pairings. So don't hesitate to check here first before attempting a claim so that you can be certain that you'll be able to get the pairing that you want.


*trumpets blare*

Posted by iheartbowie on 2007.05.01 at 06:26
Here were are at the moment that you've all been waiting for!

Time to start snatching pairings!!!

As a reminder we're accepting up to four total claims per pairing (two art and two story). If there's a big enough push for a specific pairing, I can be convinced to lift this, but I'd really like for there to be a VERY good reason for it.

So please comment here with the pairing (characters) that you'd like to work with. Please be sure to list your name, email, and specific pairing that you are snatching. I'll start a list of claimed pairings here as they are collected. If you need to look over the pairings list again it can be found here.

And I definately want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that participates or watches this fest. You guys rock!

So I see you've found your way here. Wonderful! If you've already taken the time to look through the community's rules on the profile then feel free to skip this lj-cut. ^_^

Introductions and Rules for the game!Collapse )

Hopefully if you've come this far then you're interested. ^_^ I really do appreciate you coming by to look things over. Hopefully the earlier that it's passed around the more interested people will be. I hope to pass on the word to as many people as possible so please don't hesitate to pass it along.

The First Task!!!!

I feel like I need some dramatic music. XD The first step for organizing this interesting event is going to be fairly simple. I'm asking for help from all of you interesting people out there. In order to have this exchange I am in need of pairings. So I've put together the basic list that I can think of, but I could have missed a few people.

EDIT: Woot! You people are fast. Thanks muchly to robin54, sammyface, and mnemosyne_1!

PairingsCollapse )

So feel free to comment here with any further suggestions that you might have. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions. I may have left out important information that could be useful down the line and not even realize it.

Thanks a lot to everyone that will participate or enjoy the fics that come from this fest. This should be fun!