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Raising Harry AU Fest

Everyone deserves parents...

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Welcome to the first (hopefully) annual Raising Harry AU Fest.

This community is currently under construction so please don't mind our dust.

In the spirit of Stealing Harry and the community, domus_felicus, this fanfest is all about our favorites being given the opportunity to give Harry the childhood that he should have had. There is only one prompt for this fest and that is that the story has to revolve in some way with raising Harry Potter. We'll be accepting fanart and fanfiction with this theme in mind. Each person that volunteers to participate will chose a "pairing" (which does not have to be a romantic pairing necessarily, but I'm sure we'd all enjoy it *bats eyelashes*) and then produce either a piece of art or fanfic.


1. As this is a fest when the appointed time comes along, you'll be able to post your story directly in this community. It's up to you to ensure that your story is something that you would be proud to post (read as, find your beta and make sure everyone can read it) and to keep informed that it's time to be posting stuff. The moderator does not request that the stories are sent in at set time and therefore do not have to be "approved" by the moderator ahead of time. This is intended to be a great way to inspire people and have a loose frame for more freedom.

2. The only serious restriction that is in place is that this is indeed the Raising Harry Fest and therefore it would be unacceptable for chan or parent/child relationships to open up. I should hope that this isn't particularly necessary to point out, but raising Harry to be a sex slave or to be a one true love is out of the question.

3. Pairings are open to both fanart and fanfiction. Each pairing two claims will be allowed for both fanart and fanfiction. Fanartists will be allowed two prompts at a time. Every participant will be allowed to claim more prompts after posting their first prompts.

4. If for any reason you are not able to complete a story in the timeframe allotted, guess what, post it whenever you finish! This is not a dictatorship and the moderator will not be coming after you for not producing. There are no "pinch-hitters" and if for any reason you have to back out you can still come back the next year to post. Real-life can totally bite and writer's block is even worse.

5. That all being said, the most important rule is to HAVE FUN!

Important Dates

April 1st - Opening of the Fest (Introductions and General Advertising Time)

May 1st - Prompts Open for the Taking


July 31st - Fest Ends and a Masterlist Posted

Icon artwork completed by karasu_hime