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roll baby...

So glad to see everyone so interested!

Posted by iheartbowie on 2007.05.01 at 19:38
Pairings are being snatched up quickly! It's fantastic to see that this is getting some interest. Pairing claims will not stop until the end of July when the fics are to be posted, so if you finish one you can come back for another go.

Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley - (fic no artists) oddsbobs and dependonyou Closed for fic
Severus Snape/Alice Longbottom - (fic no artists) mnemosyne_1
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin - (artist no fic) elaboration
Remus Lupin/Severus Snape - (fic no artist) etrangere, stormypup, j_folked Closed for fic
Minerva McGonagall/Albus Dumbledore - (fic no artist) faynia
Lily Potter/Severus Snape - (fic no artist) xanphibian
Severus Snape/Regulus Black - (fic no artist) shishio
Fabian Prewett/Caradoc Dearborn - (fic no artist) why_lorinda
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy - (fic no artist) theentwife

This will be continually updated as people claim pairings. So don't hesitate to check here first before attempting a claim so that you can be certain that you'll be able to get the pairing that you want.

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